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The first generation of the compact sport coupe, the Scion tC.

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Why is my RPM too high at lower speeds and car not shifting into third

Got a used engine under 55k mikes installed at auto shop due to a failed piston compression in my previous one. Get the car back a week later told it’s fine to drive. Come to find out that the RPM’s are way too high going a slower speeds. Took it in again and had them check the transmission and they installed a new filter and topped off fluid. Still having same issue but they told me that the car needs to relearn when to shift since but i drove it over 20 miles at various speeds and is doing the same thing. I told them to check the ECU but insisted that it just needed to relearn. What is the issue?

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Save yourself time and headache and take it to a Toyota dealer\shop.


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If it IS the ECU needing to relearn… check this website:

It has helpful information. 20 miles may not be enough for it to fully relearn everything. It can take a bit longer than one would think. If you still think something is definitely wrong then I'd advise taking to a dealership. It could be that your TCM needs flashed.

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