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Why is my dryer not hot enough?

I have an old Maytag gas dryer model DG9800. It takes 2 hours to dry a regular load, with some parts still being damp. I checked the vent from outside and the air seemingly went out fine. When the dryer was running, I opened the door to feel inside, and it was just warm (95-100 F). I noticed the flame went on, stay there for a few minutes, then went off. Such happens a few time during the drying process. I assume it would be hot even if the vent was clogged a little bit, so I think it is due to that the flame went off too soon, before the temperature reached the target. Is this correct, and if so, which part could be faulty? Thanks!

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Thanks to @stressmaster @jayeff ! The symptom of bad ignition coils in the youtube video is the same as mine. Actually my dryer’s wires are connected to the coils by tape due to a broken part. I’ll re-attach that first. A bad cycling thermostat could show the same symptom, and I’ll check that too.


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Hi @dislab ,

Check that the dryer cycling thermostat is OK.

Also here’s the service manual for the dryer, that may help.

The wiring schematic for your model is on p.5-7 (p.91 of 129 .pdf numbering)

WP3387134 - Whirlpool Dryer Thermostat Afbeelding


WP3387134 - Whirlpool Dryer Thermostat


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I tested the cycling thermostat, and it reads 2.4 ohms. Is it bad? It is not 0, but it is not infinite either. Maybe that's why my dryer can still reach 95F but not higher. I'll replace this first. Thanks.



The cycling thermostat has 4 terminals.

Two are for the coil and the other 2 are the contacts.

At normal ambient temp, you should read 0.00Ω across the 2 larger centre terminals and a resistance value across the 2 outer terminals.

Unfortunately I can't find the specifications for the thermostat so I don't know what the resistance value is.

The thermostat is supposed to operate at temps >155°F when normal temp selected to turn off the heating and >140°F when the low setting is selected.

Does the dryer work differently if you select the low temp setting?


I bought a new cycling thermostat, but its resistance is the same as the old one when I measure it, 2.4 ohms. I installed the new one and the dryer temperature is still around 95F after the first few flame on-off cycles. Later the temperature reaches 105F when the clothes are almost try. I tried "more try" and "normal dry" settings, and the dryer behaves the same. Maybe some other parts are broken? Thanks.



Perhaps check that the High limit thermostat is OK.

Looking at the schematic there are two thermostats in the heater circuit. The cycling thermostat which regulates the temp and the high limit which is only supposed to operate on over temp.

Try removing the hi limit thermostat from the burner tube (leaving it connected in circuit) and check if the temp now works OK.

If so then check if the radiant flame sensor is OK.

If it is check for loose wiring around the heater unit.


Thanks for the suggestions and sorry for the late reply. So far I have installed a new cycling thermostat, new solenoid coils, and a new hi-limit thermostat. The dryer reaches about 100F at the beginning of the drying, reaches 120F after an hour, and takes 1.5 hours to finish a regular load. This Maytag DG9800 is a very old model, and maybe something else is not working properly. I haven't checked the flame sensor, and will keep looking. Thanks.


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It is more than likely one of your ignition coils on the gas valves not heating up enough to ignite the flame reliably.

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I tested the solenoid coils, and they read 1600 (two-terminal coil), 1300, 600 (three-terminal coil). The numbers seem fine to me. Should I replace them? Thanks.


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