Marshall Monitor - sound in one ear only

Hello :)

I have a Marshall Monitor (no Bluetooth)

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I used to be able to use only one jack cable to listen to my music. But now, I have the sound in only one single ear at the time. The headset has two jack entries, one on each side. But it seems the sounds doesn’t “spray” anymore.

Both side are working correctly individually, I have even checked with a “jack spliter”, and I can technically use this with two jack cables to have the sound Stereo in both sides. So, both jack entries are working correctly and respectively connected to the side where they are.

Block Image

I then tend to believe the cable connecting both sides is malfunctioning. But I cannot find where or even to prove it.

Right Side:

Block Image

Left Side:

Block Image

What do you think please ? :)

I guess it looks like this ahah:

Block Image

Also, maybe I am overthinking, maybe I could just buy a Cable One Jack Male 3.5mm to Two Jack Males 3.5mm and it should work as the spliter right ? I cannot find such cable, do you know where I could get one ?

Thanks in advance :)

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Hi @yoshk

If you have a multimeter you can check for continuity on each wire that appears to go through the headphone. Normally there are two fault when one side doesn't work.

1. Burst speaker

2. Damaged wiring

If your sides work fine individually I would say that the fault is in the wiring. On you first photo the red wire looked a bit damaged but it could be just the image quality.

Hope it helps!


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