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Doesn't launch Windows, say Hard Drive defective

Few weeks ago, my dell laptop starts having problems with the hard drive. For example, when I saved something on it, if I want to read it few days later it couldn't.

Today, It doesn't even start, it goes to windows recovery and signals that the hard drive is defective. If I boot from the CD I can't reinstall windows. I'm trying to format it doing format c: but it's still at 0% since 40min.

What can I do ?


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Does it still show up in the BIOS?


if you mean when I press F12, yes


but is does not format and you can not reboot? Have you tried a Live CD like Puppy Linux (my favorite) or any other of the Live CD to see if they can access your drive? It does sound like you have a bad HDD


when I try to reinstall Windows it refuses and says "your hard drive is going to fail"


no formatting fail too...


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It looks more and more like you have a hard drive that is failing. You might try to access it with any of the Live CD Linux disks that are out there. Ultimately, I think your best bet would be to replace it. You will also need the need to use Dell recovery disc to restore your computer. If the recovery disc did not come with your computer than Dell generally provides it for free. You can call their customer service in Sales at 1-800-999-3355 The hard drive is available at multiple places like this and here is a decent video that can help you with the task. Good Luck.

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Thanks a lot. But do I need to buy the original HDD ? Is it possible to buy another one ? I mean, what specs do I have to take into consideration if it is possible ?

I don't have the recovery CD, what if I try to install W7 on a blank HHD ?


You would be okay with any 200 or 320GB2 5400 RPM SATA II hard drive. Your biggest challenge will be installing W7 since you will have to find the drivers. Dell considers the XPS M1530 obsolete and will not publish 64-bit drivers but you may check here for what you need. Hope this helps.


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When the computer tells you that the hard drive is going to fail, that it is defective, crashes when you boot up, or does not recognize the hard drive as the "C:" in your "my computer" file then most likely your hard drive is dysfunctional/broken. You can refer to Dell XPS M1530 Troubleshooting and see if any of your issues correspond to one of our guides. Personally, you should look at the Hard Drive as well as RAM, both of which seem to correspond to your issue.

See our guides attached to both for steps to replace them. Additionally, look into our Hard Drive upgrades at Dell XPS M1530 Device Page which will give you the needed specs for a new hard drive.

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