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The second generation was introduced as a 2003 model at the 2002 Chicago Auto Show, based on the new Impreza platform, featuring several fine-tune improvements over the past model.

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Where are fuse and relay for power window on passenger side located?

I have a Subaru Forester 2007 with an inactive power window on the front right side. The fuse and relay location are not shown on the fusebox. Does anybody know where they are located?

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Hi @thordur ,

There is no separate fuse or relay for each of the power windows. They are all powered by the one circuit breaker and relay.

If the RH front power window is not working the problem is either in the wiring, the switches or the motor.

Here’s an image taken from the 2007 Forester service manual, showing the wiring path for both of the front windows.

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge)

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