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Changed dock connector but not charging although cable recognized

Hi all, I replaced my dock connector and now my iphone 7plus does not charge anymore. The strange thing however is that when the phone is off and the cable plugged in, the battery signs shows with the plug connected. Battery doesnt charge however and battery screen stays on. Any ideas what went wrong? Your help is greatly appreciated!

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If I’m understanding your question, you replaced your port because it died and wouldn’t charge no matter how long you left it on the charger for, correct? If that’s the case, it may not have been the charge port itself. If you use non MFI (Made for iPhone/iPod/iPad) accessories like the ones you can find for cheap at gas stations, eBay, Amazon, etc. then you most likely damaged TriStar. TriStar is a usb validating chip inside your phone and can get damaged when using these lower quality accessories as they lack proper surge protection.

There are a couple ways you can go about diagnosing this issue. You can order a USB ammeter like this one: . Plug this into a wall brick and then connect the charger to the ammeter and pay attention to the numbers next to the letter “A” which stands for amps the device is drawing. If it jumps between 0.00 and 0.01 amps that’s a pretty good indicator. There’s also a special tool you can get called a TriStar Tester which can test the charge port and TriStar for potential faults. This tool gets a little expensive at around $150 but if you call around your local repair shops they might have one and it takes just a couple of minutes. They might have a fee but if not, tip them a couple bucks.

Now if the chip is damaged it’ll need replacement, which requires a skilled tech as it’s very intricate work with a hot air soldering station. But a quick or temporary fix for this would be to either charge the battery in another device or replacing it. As long as you don’t let the phone die completely as in you get the low battery icon on the screen you should be ok. But keep in mind, that will only be a temporary fix.

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Hi, Jesse, thanks for you reply. In fact, I replaced the connector not because it did not charge anymore, but because the lightning cables I used (that came with the iPhone) did not fit properly anymore. The cable fitted only loosely in the old connector, so I replaced the connector (cables fit well in the new connector). So it did charge before I replaced it.

But now the phone won't charge anymore. I have also inserted back the old connector and this one now also does not charge anymore. Maybe I am missing a critical step, although I doubt it? Maybe something damaged during the reparation? What I find weird is that the phone does not charge, but does recognize the cable when the phone is turned off, because the battery signs shows up (as if charging, although it is not).


Did you clean the port out for lint? That would've caused the cable to not fit properly in your original one.


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