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The Ram line was redesigned for the 1994 model year. Development on a second generation began in 1986, ending in late 1992.

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My horn is coming on by itself

1999, dodge ram 2500 horn started blowing while sitting in my driveway. Starting the truck and hitting the horn switch on the steering wheel had no effect. Horn finally went off by itself. I was unable to make a positive ID on the horn location, but I think it is located, facing the truck, on the left side under the Battery. Is that the correct location? Ideas on what the problem might be?

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Hi @gman1517 ,

Here’s the 1998 Ram Truck 1500 – Horn Systems section of the 1998 Ram Truck 1500/2500/3500 Service Manual + Wiring Diagrams that may help.

It details how to test the horn and also shows its location etc.

Hopefully this will help you to find the problem.

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