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The HP Chromebook black and silver model, is identified by its model number 11-v019wm. This Chromebook is a small notebook with a 11.6" screen.

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Can I add more RAM and replace the eMMC with an SSD?- RESOLVED

From the pictures - I cant make out if I can add more RAM and replace the eMMC with an SSD. Is it possible with this unit - otherwise I will save my time by not opening it up.

Update (07/18/2021)

Thanks for the answer Jay. Time to gift this to someone.

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The short answer is no.

The ram and eMMC storage are all hard mounted on the motherboard.

One method of increasing storage would be to insert the largest capacity micro SD Card that you think that you may need, into the laptop’s SD card reader and leave it there as additional storage on the device.

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