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The 2014 version of the Galaxy Note 10.1", running a Exynos 5 processor and 3 Gb of ram. Released October 2013.

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Touchscreen does not work

My tablet fell several times (3 or 4), usually starting to have issues with the screen. I have always managed to fix the screen. But since the last time, the touchscreen doesn't work anymore. I think that it worked somewhat immediately after it fell, so maybe it was me tampering with the screen connector that ruined it. Any way to check this? Which one is the connector for the digitizer/touchscreen?

Thank you

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@darkvadek time to change the touch screen. It is the right cable and for the repair just follow this Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Screen Replacement

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Ah, it's the same cable? %#*@, I feared as much. Thank you


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