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Uniden D1685-3T is a cordless landline home phone with an answering system on the base. Two additional cordless handsets with chargers are also included. Troubleshooting and repairing the product is quick and easy to do.

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Dect2185-3 base won't work after power outage

My Uniden DECT 2185-3 will not work after a power outage followed by a Cox phone line outage last week though it's been through many. It's plugged into a surge protector with other things that are working fine. Cox tech said it's probably damaged.

The base has, "Welcome. Please wait" on the screen. If the cordless phone is on the base the red light under the cordless phone constantly flashes red.  When I press the speaker button it goes through a loop of a short dial tone then electronic beep then a busy signal. I have to disconnect the electric cord and plug it back in to stop this loop.

I tried unplugging both the electric cord and phone line then plugging them back in. I tried taking it to a different phone outlet but it does the same thing. My other phones and fax machine work. 

The three cordless phones are charged but say searching. If I click talk they flash "connecting" then say "handset out of range". I took out and reinsert each battery in the cordless phones. The batteries are good and fairly new.

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This sounds like a base station issue. I would concentrate on the base station itself. if the base station has battery's pull them out and disconnect from power and wait a full 10 min. Then plug it back in and see if that corrects the problem.



The base does not have batteries. It has an electric cord with an adapter that was plugged into a surge protector.


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How is the phone connected to the service provider i.e. via a telephone cable to the provider or to your internet modem and then via an internet connection to the provider?

If a telephone cable connection are the other phones the corded type, i.e. not portable, no base station but connected directly to the line?

Sometimes if a power outage was caused by a storm then there is a chance of a power surge down the telephone line itself e.g. lightning strike hitting the ground near to where the telephone cables are buried. Phone companies used to advise not to use a landline phone during a storm in case the user received a shock for precisely that reason.

Is the phone line protected as well?

If via a modem then the above doesn't apply as the surge wouldn't have got past the modem and most likely the other phones and fax wouldn't work.

have you checked that the surge protector is OK. Unplug it and sniff it and see. If it smells burnt and has some charring then it may have been affected either this time or previously without you knowing

Only say this as most are of the sacrificial type and are a one time only device and the cheaper ones unless they don't work anymore after a hit (burnt out and no power through the protector) don't give any indication that the protection capability no longer exists i.e power is still available. The moderate to more expensive ones do (usually a LED light either on or off depending) and they can either be reset or have to be replaced. just a thought.

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Jayeff, thank you for your thoughts. The phone line comes through a cable to a modem then via a phone line to an old style phone outlet box then a phone line to the phone. As mentioned, the surge protector has other items plugged into it that are still working. It may be a good idea to replace it, though, with a newer model.


Jayeff, note the modem is plugged into the same surge protector the uniden was.




It seems as though the base station has failed (obvious I know) for whatever reason (it may be coincidental?) so the best that you can do is to open it up and check for any component damage on the circuit board.

Especially check near to where the power connection is on the circuit board as this most probably will be the area most affected if it was a power surge etc.

Post some images of the board in your QUESTION (you can't post them in a comment) and hopefully something may be noticed by others if you don't see anything untoward. Here's how to do this on Ifixit Voeg afbeeldingen toe aan een bestaande vraag.

If nothing is obvious it will be harder to fix as the circuit schematic would be needed to track down the problem and usually for these types of devices they're not in the public domain and most likely the manufacturer doesn't bother either as is it cheaper for them to replace the unit than to fix it.


Jayeff, looking at a circuit board is out of my expertise area. I appreciate all the years the phone system worked.Thanks for your suggestions, but I don't have more time to commit to trying to repair it.



You may be able to recoup some of the cost of a new system by advertising the handsets for sale, as working handsets seem to be always wanted.

Remember to erase any info from them although I think that it is stored in the base station anyway but still worth checking.



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