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The HTC U11 Life is an Android smartphone that includes models HTC U11 Life (32GB NA), HTC U11 Life (32 GB), and HTC U11 Life (64 GB). The HTC U11 Life was released in December 2017.

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does the battery of a water damaged phone need to be replaced?

The phone in question is actually and htc u11 not u11 life, but for some reason that isn’t an option

So I recently replaced my battery in the phone and then killed it in a hot tub. I have another u11 at my disposal that only needs a new screen and could do with a new battery. I have the new screen and am prepared to replace it, but I’m wondering if the new battery from the water damaged phone is good to go. Is there a good way to tell? There is some light corrosion on the solder and some deposits on the wrapping, but otherwise no visible damage. When I plug the battery into the phone and plug in the phone it says it is charging and with the new screen on it appears fully functional. I just don’t want to find out that the battery can’t hold a charge or will damage the phone somehow.

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Wouldn’t recommend using a water damaged battery, The actual cell of the battery could be questionable or the controller board on the battery could be bad. Not worth risking frying a logic board.

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Second this, I would never trust a battery that has been submerged in water. They are not designed for this and may behave unpredictably. Batteries are typically pretty cheap, I would just replace it.


Third this. Replace the battery instead of risking a thermal runaway due to shortened controller


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