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The Palm Treo 680 is a the first Treo based smartphone to have the external antenna removed.

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The touchscreen do not have ligth and battery do not charge.

The screen show information but whitout light, and the smarthphone do not charge the batery, I quited the screen and put other but the problem persist, I buy a new batery and it do not charge too. this 2 problem appear at the same time.

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I detach all parts of the PALM, I check the battery conector, but the problem yet exist. I think there are a circuit short, because when i put a good battery the palm is ok but without light, though the battery discharge in a few minutes. Probably changing de logical circuit the palm work again so Í´d like to know if there are a Logical Circuit so i replace it from my palm,

thank you so much.


Does it charger from the USB port? Doe sit do anything when you plug it is? Any change in the battery indicator? Any recent software updates? Did anything happen to the phone? Did it get dropped, any water issues? Check both ends of the cord, as well as the charging port on the phone, for corroded or broken pins. Clean the port with isopropyl alcohol to remove dirt and debris. If you are charging it with the power cord, use the USB cord, or the other way around. Depends on how you charge. Let us know what you have tried and what the results are. Good Luck.


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It sounds like a worn out charging port. You either have to replace the whole board or just replace the charge port on the board. The guide to remove the motherboard can be found here: Palm Treo 680 Motherboard Replacement.

While it's easier to replace the board, it's more expensive then it is to buy a whole new phone. I would suggest replacing the port on the phone, or retiring the phone and buying something newer or a phone like this used and using the old phone as a parts phone. This is because replacing the board is more expensive then a whole phone and you do not know if the IMEI/ESN on the new one will be active on another line, or usable at all for that matter. If you get a whole phone that's clean it's easier to check a whole phone instead of a bare motherboard. You need to verify the IMEI/ESN on the new board, if you can do this before you buy the board at all.

Yes, you can replace the board if you want but keep the risk of doing this in mind and weigh the risk with the cost of your board, and you can then decide if you want a whole new phone or just a board replacement.

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