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It,s a console gaming headset providing a complete 7.1 surround sound gaming experience.

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What is the best way to fix a crack on my razer kraken x headphones

Today I dropped and cracked my Kraken x. As you can see I did a lousy job at fixing it with superglue. Please help.

Block Image

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Sawoy, there really isn’t a good way to fix this with glue since there will always be movement and tension on it. Adhesive are not good when it comes to tensile force. Your picture does not show where this crack is in relation to any hinge etc. but it may be best to use a piece of a thin metal strip and reinforce the area that is cracked.

Of course you can always try this

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Electrical tape, i had 2 razer headphones with this issue after normal usage so im buying another brands headphones ;l

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