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HP Desktop released in 2007. Ships with Windows Vista and offers Pocket Media Drive bay support.

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I'm unable to start my hp pavillion slimline. Absolutely no function.

Press the start button at the top front as normal and absolutely nothing. I’ve checked the power supply via lead to plug at the back of the unit and that’s definitely ok. I’ve been told it’s most likely the’ power stater box’. Help needed, please.

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Hi @usyerlof ,

The PSU in the desktop is an ATX type.

Use the paperclip test to measure all the voltages provided by the PSU.

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the power adapter supplies a fixed voltage as marked on the box. You can measure that with a DVM. Measure both DC & AC for excessive ripple. However, open circuit you should have 0V AC.

When plugged in with the battery inserted, there should be a charging light on.

The charging circuit is internal to the computer and some in the battery.

If the computer does not come on with battery removed and a good adapter plugged in, then it is internal to the computer. Could be a CPU or many other things.

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