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Keyboard FPC Connector Identification

Was wondering if anyone had an idea of what the part number for the Keyboard FPC Connector is inside the Pavilion 15-n097xx models. I am having one !&&* of a time trying to find the board component online to order so I can replace the connector…

Any help would be great!

Block Image

The only HP ZIF connector I have their different styles but the same length and pins…. Would it work?

Block Image

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The connector comes attached with the keyboard, there's no part number for it, I'd suggest you contact HP in your region regarding the service options for your computer.

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Ill update my post with a picture of what I'm on about as i think you have misunderstood


Updated with an image buddy


This kinda helped, I now know it's called a ZIF connector, not FFC/FPC... I have uploaded an image of an X360 donor board I have here with a connector with the same pins and mounting points, but they're slightly different styles. Theyy both measure 4 CM in length, would this work?


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