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Repair information for the Asus F556UQ laptop. Released on June 2nd of 2019. Model number: F556UQ-XO644T.

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A screw drop from my Laptop

My laptop already lost 2 Screws, one near the screen and the other one at the bottom part. Today i just found another screw fall from my laptop and i’m sure it doesn’t fit the missing two. This one looks smaller and quite short. Any idea which one is it? Or does anyone have a ‘blue print’ which screw belongs where? Thanks.

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I was wondering if anyone has worked on your laptop lately? If so, they may have put the screws in incorrectly.

Another possibility is that the remount screw anchors have broken and causing the screws to fall.

I am including images as well for you to look at.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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Thanks! These images are really helpful.

Well nobody ever opened this laptop and i assumed this screw fell from somewhere inside the Laptop through the gap near the screen, where i lost a screw last year. I'm gonna try to check on it.


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