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HMDX Jam HX-P230 is a wireless Bluetooth speaker manufactured and released by the HMDX Company in 2012. Also known as JAM classic portable speaker.

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Power charge port won't work anymore.

It was getting loose and the sound was breaking up - but now it’s stopped working at all and won’t charge. I think something may have broken off inside the port hole. Can it be repaired?

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Hi @Adrienne Aiken

If the micro USB charge port is just loose or it is broken, it can either be re-soldered to the board or replaced.

Here’s the HMDX Jam Battery Replacement guide that may help.

I realize that it is for the battery replacement and not for the charge port but it will help you to gain access the charge port.

Here’s an image taken from Step.4 of the guide that shows the charge port. The board will have to be removed from the speaker case and you will need to have smd (surface mount device) soldering tools and skills to do the repair to the charge port i.e. re-solder original or unsolder original and solder in replacement.

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge for better viewing.

If the USB connector is faulty and not just loose from the board, compatible replacement micro USB connectors are available online, (supplier example only to show part and cost). There may be other suppliers that suit you better. Just search for HMDX Jam micro USB charging port connector to get results.

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