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Dect 6.0 cordless phone system with answering system and caller identification. Repair for this device requires only common tools.

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When I make a call, there is a short stutter before the normal ring to

Hello. When I call out, a short stutter occurs before the normal ring tone kicks in. It is not linked to a message issue. It is making me paranoid. Any solutions/explanations, please? Thanks.

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You may have to first prove whether the problem is associated with your cordless telephone/base station equipment or the landline phone service itself.

Is the phone’s base station connected to a telephone cable socket or an internet modem i.e. VoIP phone service (voice over internet protocol)?

Try connecting a corded phone (or another known working with no problems cordless phone with base station) to the phone line or modem in lieu of your cordless phone's base station and see if the problem is with your cordless phone system or the telephone service.

If the problem is with the phone service contact your service provider about the problem. If the phone is connected to a modem, check the phone settings in the modem to make sure that they’re correct (usually found on provider’s website)and if so contact your provider.

If the problem is with your cordless phone setup, how many handsets are connected to the base station? If more than one does it occur on all or only the one?

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Thanks, Jayeff, for your consideration. I have spent time looking for an old phone and have come up empty. However, realising the issue occurred after receiving a new modem, I worked on the theory that Telstra 101 message service may have been the default setting. I disconnected from it - and the stutter has disappeared. Unfortunately, our answering machine no longer records messages, even though it is turned on. Now I have to work on that.


Hi @t t

Try setting up the Messagebank service again and then set it to answer calls after an unanswered ringing time which is longer than the answer machine ring time (see p.10 of the phone's user guide for how to set the ring time for the answer machine)

To give you some idea the ringing cycle in Aust. is 3 seconds i.e. 0.4 secs on - 0.2 seconds off - 0.4 seconds on - 2 seconds off then the cycle is repeated. e.g. for the answer machine answer after a ring time of 6 rings = 18 seconds so Messagebank needs to be set for >18 seconds. Perhaps 25 or more to be safe

The idea is that the answer machine needs to answer before the voicemail does.

Here's how to extend the ring time on Messagebank after setup: (I think the default is 15 seconds but I may be wrong. Its been awhile ;-)

Pick up the phone and press *99

Enter the number of seconds you wish the phone to ring before a call is diverted to Messagebank (between 5 and 60 seconds).

Press # and hang up. e.g. *9925# for 25 seconds

If you still get the stutter try the VMWI reset as described on p.9 of the manual

Although having an answer machine negates having to have messagebank if the answer machine is full of messages (none having been deleted) and cannot store any more, at least you won't miss any as the calls should then go to messagebank


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