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HP’s affordable notebook computer, released in 2014, and is fitted out with Windows 8.1, an AMD E1 2100 / 1 GHz processor, and 4GB DDR3L RAM. It goes by the model number: 15-f009wm.

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Why does my HP 15-f009wm laptop have a solid black screen upon startup

My HP Model 15-f009wm Windows 8 laptop has a solid black screen upon startup. I'm honestly unsure as to exactly why, or if it can be fixed or not, but my HP Pavilion laptop was doing the same exact thing 2 weeks ago and I was able to fix it by taking the bottom off of it and that's where I seen that the ram stick had jarred itself loose somehow. I securely snapped it back into place and then it worked, but honestly I don't think that I have that option with my 15-f009wm. Someone please help me out.

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Some HP laptops are notorious for developing loose display cables. First shine a light onto the display to see if you can detect video on the screen. If so, it is a back light issue which may only be fixed with a complete screen replacement. You may get lucky and find that is also a connector issue or the light or control board is separately replaceable. Normally, you can get to the connectors by removing the kbd.

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