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17" Acer LCD monitor introduced in 2006 with a screen resolution of 1280 x 1024 @ 60HZ and manufacturer's item code AL1714CB-8.

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How Does Fast Computer Repair Company Provide Quick Service?

I had broken my laptop display accidentally. Now how can it be fixed? Is it fix at a cheap price or not?

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typically laptop monitors are pretty straight forward. the most expensive part is usually the monitor itself.

if you don’t feel confident enough changing it yourself, you’ll need to take it to a reputable repair place to do it for you.

make sure you find a place that offers a warranty on their work. (no warranty = a no from me) in my eyes if a place cant warranty their work they aren’t confident in their repairs. so be careful with that.

Northridgefix on YT does a lot of repairs but i believe hes in new york so that might be a bit far.

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first, analyze the economics of the replacement. If you can DIY, it may be worth it. To have it replaced may give yo a 90 day warranty, but that is only on the display and may not include labor and the rest of it is still dated technology. A new one may be 2x the cost, but it comes with at least a year warranty and it is new technology.

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