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The HP ProBook 450 G4 is a laptop computer made by the Hewlett-Packard software company. The HP ProBook 450 G4 was releasing in 2016 and has the model number Y8A06ET#ABF.

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Screen is flickering. How do I fix it?

Before I forget: I’ve actually got the HP Probook 450 G5, but couldn’t select that one so I figured this one was the closest to it.

Hi! Since a week or two my screen has started flickering occasionally, dependent on the angle it’s in. Once it does I just have to tilt it a little back or forth to find a non-flickering position. Not a pro whatsoever, but this has lead me to believe the issue may be my display cable a) not connecting fully on either side or b) being worn out/damaged. Am I correct that it most likely is the display cable and, if so, which of the two options would you guess? It’s only about 3 years old, but I do carry it in a not incredibly protective bag quite often.

Also, is this issue (or the issue you suspect it is) worth fixing myself, or should I go to a professional? I’d describe myself as unexperienced yet curious with a pretty good ability of understanding tech(nical information). Only experience with electronics was fixing my OnePlus' charging port, volume buttons and speaker. Though I did end up not properly reconnecting the two buttons next to the home button & wearing out one screw, so I ended up leaving them disconnected. I think that about describes my ability, lol. But really it was fun, I will make sure to take more care now, and I will buy an extra set of screws.

Then, for the repair: how should I go about it, and what tools do I require? Any videos to watch, or guides to read? Tips for buying parts, shipped to The Netherlands? And anything I should absolutely not cheap out on?

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Hi @avvlastuin ,

It sounds like the problem is with the video cable but you will only know where exactly once you have opened the laptop and inspected the cable connections at both ends to make sure they’re both secure and if so then also checked if the cable is damaged where it passes through the laptop hinge to get from the motherboard to the screen.

It is also possible that the problem is in the LCD unit itself. Does the problem also disappear if you tap the lid for example and not actually move it?

Here’s the maintenance and service guide for the laptop that will help.

On p.29 it shows the tools required.

On p.23 Item #3, it shows the part numbers for the cable (depending on type of laptop model, i.e. WLAN (WiFi) or WWAN (SIM card 3G etc). If the cable is the problem search online using the appropriate part number only, to find suppliers that suit you best.

On p.74 it shows the necessary pre-requisite steps and then the procedure to remove the LCD panel. This will give you access to the video cable which can be seen in the images on p.80

When dis-assembling the laptop, try not to touch anything on the motherboard that you don’t have to and wear a wrist strap (example only) connected to an earth point to prevent any ESD damage. Keep some jars handy to hold any screws that you have to remove so as not to lose them. It’s amazing how far they bounce when they fall

As always with electronics, be gentle when handling and if something isn’t going as planned, stop and think about it! Walk away and take a break if you have to. Don’t get frustrated and cause more problems

I’m sure that you’ll manage it just fine. ;-)

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Thank you very much! I've ordered the appropriate tools & parts and will give it a shot next week. Will report back, but either way: you've been a huge help! :)


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