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Released in North America in November 2006.

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My Wii Isn’t reading my clean disc. It works fine with other discs.

Seems my wii is not working, but only with one disc. Its makes a loud beep and a more quieter beep for a while before containing the error message. Please, help!

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Hi Mia,

It sounds like your laser is having trouble to read the disc (it’s loading for a very long time and then comes with an error, I presume?).

I would try to clean the disc and try again. Otherwise try to bring it in at a repair shop to polish the disc. Last thing you can try is to buy the same game over, perhaps it’s damaged. I think your Wii is fine as it is.

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I did buy this game off ebay so ill just ask for a refund and buy it from a store this time. Thanks.


Ah yes, most likely a faulty game. Just ask for a refund and sent the game back. Perhaps you can find the game at GameStop.


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