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Model A1051 / 4 of 6 GB harde schijf

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How do you know if the battery health has been deteriorate

Hi I have an iPod mini 2nd Generation. The battery has been holding quite well, I haven’t seen any battery drain yet but I am a bit worried if it doesn’t hold up since it is still an original battery, especially worried on expanded battery

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You can check the battery stats of your iPod, iPhone or iPad by installing Coconut Battery on yourMac and Hooking up to a USB port and running it.

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It depends on how long have you had this for and how often did you charge and drained the battery. I think when the 2nd gen Mini came out Apple was bragging about the battery which was holding more than double the charge than the 1st gen. I think it is rated for 18 hours audio playback.

Now, since these are quite old device, don’t expect the battery to last that long, but I would imagine it should still hold around 8-10 hours playback, again, depending on the intensity that you have been using your device.

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