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Repair information, service manuals, and troubleshooting help for refrigerators manufactured by KitchenAid.

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Kitchenaid fridge Not cooling in top part

model Krfc704fps03

This was new at a store in July 2019, apparently kitchenaid scrapped it, and we got sold a problem child. What I got with my guages is 11 degrees freezer department, then the lower fridge lowest drawer is around 24 degrees, then 2nd drawer up is 35 degrees, then it jumps to 50 degrees up a drawer, then up to 60 degrees at the very top shelf. THe fresh center thing that goes up the back has no air running though it, even though it has a filter, but when I took that off, I just have foam, no fans etc. I have already checked coils under fridge and fan to them, they are very clean, and fan spins. The inside its like the air isnt moving right. Now with that said, when you open the left door, there is 2 vents, one is blowing, and one is sucking, this goes to the ice ben. I do get very cold air there and with a papertowel can see its sucking air back. Thing is this allows air from bottom I assume to ice part only, no open ports to go back to up fridge itself. What is interesting is the bottom of the fridge is ice cold, while the top is about as warm as the house. The doors are closed, no torn seals. I can not find anything on you tube about how or if there is another fan Im missing or what is going on. Ive already broke a piece on the water filter, trying to get that massive bottom out as I can not find anything anywhere public about how to disaemmble this thing or what is where. I go diagrams under fridge for circuit board that is it. I have downloaded the owners manual, but again, nothing in there for repairs or how to take shelves out etc, or what fan if one is in the back. Advise please.

Update (02/18/2021)

I have found some diagrams on sears and another site, but I cant make heads or tails of what is going where. Nothing here is just outright showing a motor to circulate air inside the top part. I see the condensor and fan for bottom, nothing for top, or the inside fan motor. Nothing to help explain why that bottom piece wont just come out without breaking it either.


I found this, but no idea what or where it goes, again this is just like telling someone how to build a rocket engine with no pictures.

Update (02/18/2021) I also ran across this, seems a 2nd evap inside fridge in back, really would help to see a real one taken apart of pictures of real time if anyone has. My findings are odd, freezer is 11% but 50% humidity, top is froze bottom, warm at top, but humidity is 10%.

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Did you ever fix this problem? I just experienced the exact same issue. Thank you


I’m having the same issue. How did you correct it? It’s been months w/o a fridge. Please help, as kitchenaid and brandsmart are zero help!!


I have this same issue too! This seems to be defect and should be fixed by kitchen aide! What can we do! Anyone figure out how to fix it?


Similar issue commenting here to follow along


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From your description it seems that there is no refrigerant flowing through the evaporator unit in the refrigerator compartment.

Your model has two evap units, one in the freezer and one in the refrigerator and the flow of refrigerant is controlled by a refrigerator refrigerant solenoid aka dual evap valve, part #29 - unit parts diagram being closed or opened as required by the control board.

According to the supplier linked above the part number for the tech sheet is W11190777.

The tech sheet shows how to get into the diagnostic test modes for the refrigerator and service test #40 will test the dual evap valve.

It is a bit concerning that the freezer temp isn’t correct though as the set temp should be closer to 0 deg. F. If the valve were not operating to allow the refrigerant to flow through the refrigerator evap unit then it should be OK going through the freezer evap unit OK but the temp there seems to indicate that there may be something else also that is wrong.

Is the compressor running continually trying to drive down the temps? If so it is nearly too hot to touch?

Hopefully it is not a lack of refrigerant due to a leak as this could be a reason. Check for any oily residues on the condenser coils or on or under the compressor. There is a special oil mixed in with the refrigerant to lubricate the compressor and if there was a leak then the refrigerant would escape to the air undetected but the oil would leave a trace.

If it is determined that there may be a problem with the sealed system (comprises compressor, evaporator units, condenser, dual evap valve, filter dryer and the piping) then depending on your location you may need to get a licensed refrigerator repairer to check the high/low pressures in the sealed system due to the environmental regulations regarding the handling of refrigerant gases.

Looking at the manufacturer’s warranty for the refrigerator there is 5 year parts and labour on the sealed system and for years 6-10 a parts only warranty on the sealed system. Just something to consider.

Hopefully a start

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I had the same problem, the fridge section was warm and not cooling but the freezer section worked and kept our stuff frozen. We had a repairman take a look and after four trips, he finally fixed it. He explained that new refrigerators have become a little more sophisticated which is good in some ways and also bad. New fridges come with a two part evap system instead of the old which was all in one. There’s an evap line for the fridge and one for the freezer and a motherboard controls them. In my case, the fridge evap part was not opening. The repair guy brought a new part and swapped them out. FYI, the part has copper connections so welding is involved in the repair. Once swapped out, he plugged in the fridge waited 24 hours and it worked. One more thing, the part in question will sort of look like an octopus with three copper arms in case you want to diy. I hope this helps.


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