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Popular laptop sold by HP. While it comes in many configurations, all models of this laptop have the same basic form factor. The numbers after G60 indicate the factory specifications of the laptop and who sold it.

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Why is it keep entering to system information?

Everytime i switch on it keeps on entering to system information and can't exit even hitting esc key to exit..

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What system information are you referring to? Is it your BIOS stuff that comes up....? Does it enter the OS or does it hang up right after it displays the information about your system?


after showing the HP Logo it automatically goes to system information menu... i think it a bios stuff.. What will i do? please help! Thank you and God Bless...


It says notebook model

Product number

Serial number

Born on date

System board I'd

Product configuration

System board CT number

Bios version

Processer type

Processer speed

Total memory

Primary battery sn


Press <esc> to continue

(I press esc but nothing happens) (this screen pops up as soon as I turn on my computer)


Same thing happening to my HP ..


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Yes, that does sound like your BIOS. It appears as if you have lost either your hard drive or the operating system on your hard drive. Take a look at the setup utility, the manual is here and you access the setup by turning on or restarting the computer. While the “Press the ESC key for Startup Menu” message is displayed in the lower-left corner of the screen, press f10. It should show your hard drive in the setup. If it does NOT show it, my guess would be that it is your drive that has failed. If it does show up, then you are having issues with your operating system not being recognized. On some selected models, you can try and recover from a partition on the HDD. You get there by " pressing either the Start button or f11. This restores the computer to its factory condition.

To restore the system from the partition, follow these steps:

1. Access Recovery Manager in either of the following ways:

● Select Start > All Programs > Recovery Manager > Recovery Manager.

– or –

● Turn on or restart the computer, and then press esc while the “Press the ESC key for Startup

Menu” message is displayed at the bottom of the screen. Then, press f11 while the “Press

<F11> for recovery” message is displayed on the screen.

2. Click System Recovery in the Recovery Manager window.

3. Follow the on-screen instructions."

That manual is available at Hope this will help you a bit. Good Luck.

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I have pressed all the keys but the system information menu is not going off


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I have a machine I built myself back in 2001. I just powered it on and after maybe 15 seconds after pressing the power button, it just shows my processor speed and amount of ram along with the energy star logo. It also disables my keyboard.

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Also when I unplug my hard drive it takes me to the BIOS.


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