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Where can one source a battery?

Where can one source a battery ?

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Don’t know the answer but a suggestion is to open the player and remove the battery and then check what battery model number is printed on the battery.

Once you know the battery model number, search online for (insert model number) battery to hopefully find suppliers.

Here’s the ifixit Microsoft Zune 30 GB Battery Replacement guide that shows how to do this.

Unfortunately the images in the guide don’t show the model number as it is on the other side of the battery when it is installed. You only get to see a barcode, which doesn’t help.

There are also a YouTube video showing the battery replacement procedure for the player where the part number is visible, (view at 2:52 minutes into the video, top right hand side of battery) but it is too small for me to make out what it says, you may have better eyes than mine though.

Hopefully a start

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