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First released in 2005, the iDog is an MP3 toy manufactured by Sega and distributed by Hasbro in the USA.

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not powering on..battery leakage

Have been given this to repair for a friends daughter. Took out batteries and discovered battery corrosion on one contact. Scraped that off, replaced batteries with known charged batteries but still won't power on despite pressing reset. Thinking I need to get further in I have take the obvious screws out from underside of toy but can't work out how to get the base off. I've even tried prying the rubber feet off the back leg in search of a missing screw (nothing to find!) The bottom seems to be stuck on this one remaining back leg, I can't lift this segment over the jack and I have applied appropriate force, spudgers, screwdrivers and swear words. Does anyone have any ideas?? No amount of googling has thrown out any useful links, but I do know about lots about real dogs abcesses and other injuries..(love google's idea of searching ;-) )


A little update. Doggy barking, child happy. Guide being written for any other foolhardy person wanting to fix this. NOT for the faint hearted. I tried scraping the corrosion off but just couldn't get it good enough to make contact with batteries, even considered the aluminium foil trick but none in! So took it all apart, soaked contacts in sodium bicarbonate, reassembled, borrowed foil from neighbour and all good. Wish I'd gone to the neighbour first!!!



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Woohoo, xcellent. Must make your family happy to hear the puppy barking :-) GREAT JOB !!!!


not my puppy! had to tear the kids off it before they broke it again...funny thing is the little girl is called...Kitty! lmao..


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You could try this :

"1. Remove the leg that is the battery compartment cover. Under this are two small screws. Remove them as well.

2. On the other leg is a plastic plug that covers a critical screw- it has to come out. I ended up prying it out with a small screwdriver, marring the plastic around it and destroying the plug in the process. Once I got it out, I did not see any way I could have done it differently, but the plug was mangled enough that I might have been missing something.

3. Once the plug is out, remove the exposed screw and remove this leg about the same way the battery leg comes off. Note that it sort of has to snap in and out of place. Just be careful not to break the snap.

4. Remove the two screws exposed in it's rear.

5. Remove the two screws under the neck and carefully ease the body apart. It will hang up a little on the speaker jack- just ease it past that."

A picture tutorila for the hasbro dissection is here

Here is some stuff on the Sega iDog

Hope this helps to get the puppy barking again.....;-)

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my hero...pity about destroying a part to make it woof again. will see how it goes. not sure 5 year old will be happy to get broken dog back :-(


Try scraping terminals that have corrosion first b4 taking apart then use foil,it worked without having to take apart,i tried what the post b4 this one said,very happy it works,thank you guys for valuable info...


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If the leg gets broken while trying to fix it, wrap it in plastic, use some gauze and plaster of Paris and put a cast on it ;-)

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have fibreglass for potting broken a selection of colours, but waiting for some excess I can use may take a while :-) Going to try the hairdryer trick to loosen the glue... if that doesn't work I'm going to hit the husband about the head for bringing home another thing for me to fix that is breaking my brain! Although the camouflage option is coooool..


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