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Repair and disassembly guides for Casio electronic keyboards.

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Why is my Casio CTK-2550 keyboard not turning on?

Around 12/21/20 was the last time my keyboard was functioning properly.

I don’t recall the last time I tried using it again, but whenever I did, I used the same outlet for my adapter, but for some reason, it wouldn’t power on

and I was confused why because

1. it doesn’t run on batteries

2. the outlet I was using for my adapter on 12/21/20 was perfectly fine (I know it was working cause it charged my phone and laptop)

3. the wire didn’t seem to be torn or damaged

I'm not sure if this has happened to anyone else but apparently, I’ve tried searching up the problem and there have been no results for me, at least for my specific brand.

I’d really appreciate it if someone sees this by chance because I’d really like to use my keyboard again so I can learn a song I like.

(Also, very random note, I cannot do such things that involve tools otherwise I’d get in trouble with my parents)

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Hi @leafui ,

Try installing the 6 x AA batteries into the keyboard and check if it turns on or not.

If you decide to do this make sure that the batteries are installed correctly.

If it turns on and works then there is a problem either with the adapter or perhaps where the adapter plugs into the keyboard.

Can you try a different compatible adapter? Check the specifications that are printed on the adapter’s case to make sure that they both have exactly the same output voltage supply.

If it doesn't turn on when using batteries either then the keyboard will have to be opened to find out what is wrong.

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Hi Diane.

I use these keyboards in my music school in Sunrise, Broward County, Florida.

I purchased 80 of these keyboards and some of these keyboards have a problem with the plug (where adapter plugs in).

I have opened several and fixed them just by re-soldering this plug to the board.

Take care.

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