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Why is my TV getting jumping screen and then vertical lines

My Vizio M55-F0 started to give jumping screen and then vertical lines before it goes to a black screen. Power it off & on to get it back on and it starts allover again. The sound started to go out first for a year. I would just would change input selection and back to HDMI 1 and the sound would come back on. I think i have two different problems are not. Do i change out the Tcon board , Main board or power board.?

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When the screen goes black, is it really black (like when the TV is switched off) or a shade lighter i.e. backlights on, but just with no picture?

If it is black i.e. no backlights on, then try shining a torch at an angle close to the screen to see if you can detect any images at all. They will be very faint so trying this in a darkened room may help to see them.

If there are backlights it may be the tcon, given that there are vertical lines before going black? but it could also be the mainboard if there is also no audio at the same time. The tcon board is associated only with the video signal to the screen i.e. interface between the mainboard and the screen and not with the audio at all

If there are no backlights but there are images then it may be the mainboard or possibly the power board. If there is also no audio at the time then again it could be the mainboard

Sorry to be so vague but without schematics of the boards (I couldn’t find them anyway, you may have better luck) it is difficult to know what voltages to look for and where.

Perhaps try sourcing a replacement board from a supplier that accepts returns for only a small restocking fee so as to minimize the cost to you in case it isn’t the problem

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The screen is black like its off. The sound is still working. I just did a hard reset. I will try the flashlight to see if i can see a image. I did try it once, but did not see any image with the flashlight Turn if off & on and it will work for a couple of hours and then start acting up


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