iMac freezing 3 months after drive HHD replacement to SSD.

So I replaced my old HD to a SSD no issues was working great. Now about 3 months later I am getting a box of dotted horizontal lines like 7 or 8 around the curser and everything freezes. This happens when I am running PLEX server and using internet search also. I wiped the SSD and reinstalled OS worked for awhile until I went to the web and ran PLEX. I have read that it is the logic board. Anyone else have this issue?

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Can you post a few pics or a short vid so we can see your rabbit ears! ;-}

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So I have researched it more sounds like a logic board going bad. I have the same 7 dotted lines around my curser and the computer freeze. I have completely erased and reinstalled OS on SSD helped for a short time. Then I went to external HHD to see if it happens. It did. I run PLEX and that's when it freezes. Now I will research logic board replacement. Any other ideas? thank you for the response.


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