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Dishwasher doesn't spray water

We have a Whirlpool WDT720PADM2

Ser# f72630505

Type 583-1

It's only a few years old. It won't spray with water. All I get after a wash is a steamy basin , water in bottom and dried pod. It does drain water, float works. I took the arms off to run water thru them to make sure they weren't clogged- water ran freely from the arms. Cleaned filters. Check water hose and water ran freely into bucket. I actually replaced the water inlet valve- same issue still occured. When I run the diagnostic test all I see if F-E- . Then now I'm getting F5E1 &F6E4. From the paperwork it's stating water valve(that was replaced new) Please help.

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Hi @dadzgrl ,

Did you try clearing the error codes as described by the tech sheet and then running the diagnostics again, to see what error codes now show? (see p.6 of the Tech Sheet - W10610059 - Rev B (EN)

Try placing both of the spray arms in a remembered position and then turning on the dishwasher. Allow it to fill etc and when it starts to “wash” open the door to stop the wash and check the spray arms to see if they have moved at all. Also check if the upper and lower dish racks are wet at all

If not then there may be a problem with the dishwasher pump and motor assembly (aka circulation pump) part #15 - Pump, wash arm and motor parts or the power supply to the pump. The pump wiring circuit is seen on p.4 of the Tech sheet under Wash/Rinse.

Be safety aware if going to test for the power to the pump motor as it operates at mains supply voltage i.e. 120V AC

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