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An entry level smartphone released in April 2014. Available in black and white.

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Does not work on my Blu G90 Pro

"1) open Android Systems (drag finger from top of home screen to open options)

2) Tap Android Systems for more options

3) Click Media Device (MTP) File Transfer

No downloading Necessary

November 20 by talentfinder01"

Does not work on my Blu G90 Pro

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Hi @Bob Jones

Do you get any notifications when connecting the phone to a computer?

If not have you tried another compatible USB cable in case the cable that you’re using is only a charge cable and not also a data cable

If still no good, go to Settings > Developer options > Networking > Select USB configuration > MTM protocol If the phone does not display Developer options, press build number seven (7) times in the about phone tab

Not quite sure if this is fully applicable to your particular model as the user manual doesn’t show the options in Developer Options (go to p.51/56 in manual - there is no page numbering in the manual, this is the .pdf numbering)

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