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My “whirlpool quiet partner 1” stopped working over night

Hello there, I’m hoping this thread will reach you. I am desperate to find a reason why my “whirlpool quiet partner 1” stopped working over night.

No lights turning on and obviously not working. Everything seemed fine till my daughter clogged my plumbing a week ago.

if you see this please help me

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Hi @valk80 ,

What is the model number of the dishwasher?

Have you checked that there is power at the power outlet where the dishwasher is plugged into by plugging in another appliance e.g. a hair dryer and check if it works OK?


I have checked the power outlet and tried unplugging-plugging in to reset ( the old fashioned way).

I have to find the model

Number though, if you have a second.


Thank you for responding @jayeff 8575637.


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Hi @valk80

Check behind the dishwasher kick plate (toe plate?) for the "tech sheet". Hopefully it will be there in a plastic sleeve.

I can't find it online or a schematic for the machine so if it is there hopefully it has the schematic or at least how to check for power to the machine.

Some dishwashers (I don’t know about yours) have a thermal cut off fuse that operates (and needs to be replaced) which cuts off the power to the machine if there is a problem with the heater element or perhaps one of the motors i.e. circulation pump or drain pump drawing too much current. Given that you said that the plumbing was blocked this may have affected the drain pump and the thermal cutoff operated.

If there is a thermal fuse and it has operated then there will be a reason for this which will have to be found

This is just what I think and may not be the case however

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I wish you lived nearSouthern Illinois. I will google the terms I don’t know (ie. thermal cutoff and schematic). I took a break, due to my kids and the Christmas craziness of covid:(

I plan to start in tomorrow, since my dishes piled up.

I want to thank you and hope I can reach back out to you, if I have anymore questions. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your I’m depth explanation and advice!

This year needs to be over with already, haha. 2020 sucks


Hi @valk80

Try the following and check if it resets the dishwasher:

Make sure that the power is connected to the dishwasher and then leave the dishwasher door open as you reset it by pressing "heated dry," "normal," "heated dry" and "normal" in quick succession. Close the dishwasher door.

If still no good it may be the thermal cutoff fuse.

Yeah 2020 was not a good year but now there is a light at the end of the tunnel so take extra care and stay safe and have a better 2021.



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