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A portable, rechargeable jumpstarter that can provide instant jumpstarts for cars and trucks.

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The tire inflater the compressor doesn’t turn on.

I’ve owned one for two years and never used it. I’ve charged it for four straight days and when I try the tire inflater the compressor doesn’t turn on. The charger and light only work when I leave it plugged in. Any ideas?

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@kendallj "owned one for two years and never used it" sounds like a depleted battery. IF it has been discharged below its threshold, it will no longer accept a charge. Replacing the battery should fix this.

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how do you replace it


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You're just creating more problems. If the first battery didn't last a new one won't either. Either the charging system or method is bad or the battery design is bad.

Purchase a tire inflator that is as simple as possible and is powered from the good old 12-Volt cigarette lighter.

Purchase a generic 12V battery charger from your local auto parts place, preferably with a cigarette lighter socket.

Purchase a cigarette lighter adapter similar to the below item to connect a female cigarette lighter to the battery. Make sure to use a fuse... Never connect a male cigarette lighter connector to a battery, especially without a fuse...

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Thanks for the solutions but this is supposed to be ifixd it not I replace it. Mine is this item


I don't have the room here for a full solution

If you’re lucky, the batteries are produced from a group of standard individual cells such as AA, AAA, C, etc., available from electronics supply stores.

Just Google "electronics supply near me" then search for "rechargeable battery".

You must first disassemble the device to identify the batteries. There might be tabs you have to press or parts that are glued or melted together.

You probably will have to solder the tabs on the new batteries.

If the battery pack is not standard, you have some options.

Look for a voltage rating on the item's charger. It should have a voltage and perhaps a wattage or a current rating. This should tell you the voltage needed from the batteries and how much charging current or power they should be able to withstand to help identify them.

If you can see a label on the motor, you might use it's rating to know how to size the batteries also.

Otherwise, good luck.


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