Complete repair manual for the PSP Go, including battery upgrade and display repair instructions.

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PSP Go - No Power, No Charging

Day before yesterday every time I plug in the charger orange light turns on for little while then it turn it self off, now since yesterday my PSP Go doesn't charge, NO orange light and I can't turn it on.

Any word of advice how can I determine what's causing this problem (USB cable, AC adapter, or PSP itself)?

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hold square triangle start select and home and turn it on good luck:)

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great thanks really helped ..


no it didn`t..


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Wolfin2010, check your AC adapter with a multimeter/voltmeter just to make sure it works. Also check your cable and make sure it is not frayed and in good working order. Check the plug on your PSP and make sure it does not have any corrosion or other damage. If all that checks out, I would try a new battery. PSP Go Battery Replacement after that it is time to reevaluate. If you are really handy, check on here for the fuse location of your go and check your fuses to make sure they are all okay. Hope this will at least get you started. Good Luck

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Having same problem with my PSP1001 going to try resetting first if that don't work then I will test the charging pin to see if its not making good contact.9 out of 10 times its one of these…..

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