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The Razer Naga Trinity is a gaming mouse made by Razer and powered by Razer Chroma. This device comes with three interchangeable side panels and is compatible with Mac and Windows computers. Model number RZ01-02410100-R3U1.

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The number keys on my numeric panel stop working randomly, help?

The number keys on my numeric panel stop working randomly, I can be typing or switching weapons in-game normally and then the entire panel stops working for no apparent reason, please help.

-How to open the panel for maintenance?

-Could it be software related?

-Is it a known issue? Are there any fixes for it?

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Are you hitting the numlock key on accident? Have you tried cleaning it out?


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Did you check the side panel if it connects properly (magnets lock in place) or tried to clean the contacts and the touching surfaces between the module and the mouse body (See hints in the troubleshooting wiki)

Razer Naga Trinity Troubleshooting

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