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The Asus Zenbook was manufactured by AsusTek Computer Inc and released in 2015. It has a matt anti-glare finish with a 13.3" touchscreen. The model number is UX303U.

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re. Notebook UX430U flashing light does not go off after shut down

Hey there guys..

This is a question about an Asus Notebook UX430U (I could not find it in the list of models I´m afraid)…

When I shutdown the laptop a light continues to flash on the side - it has an image of a light bulb next to it. Any ideas what is up with my laptop? It did this in the past, so I took it to the repair shop, but all they did was reset it (and I lost everything on it).

It is happening again. I don´t think it simply needs a reset as I did that very recently. Any other ideas??

Thanks so much


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Hi @ames2020 ,

Sounds like the laptop is in sleep or hibernate mode.

Try force stopping the laptop by holding the Power key operated until the light stops flashing indicating that the laptop has completely shut down.

if it does, then try starting it again in the normal manner.

if it starts OK here’s a link that may help for the future.

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Brilliant! Thank you, will have a look . Hopefully I can change the settings. Thanks again!


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