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Released in March of 2014, can be identified by the model number KX-TGE233 on the bottom of the main docking station.

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Cordless Phone handset accidentally activates

I am looking for a solution for my elderly mom who

carries land line handset around the house with her in case of fall etc.

It is not uncommon for the "talk" button to get bumped and accidentally pressed, with Mom not realizing it,

so when someone tries to call her they get a busy signal. (she is hard of hearing and does not hear the beeping off the hook alert)

I am wondering if someone might know of some way to protect and  prevent the "talk" button from getting accidentally activated? Appreciate any advice/problem solving you might have.

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Hi @julie22 ,

Looking at the user manual there doesn’t seem to be any options for preventing the button from being accidentally operated without impinging on the operation of the button itself.

An alternative solution is maybe for your mother to have an auto-dialler emergency alarm system (supplier example only) connected to her phone line.

In the event of a fall or other emergency, all it takes is for her to press the button on the transmitter pendant either pinned to her clothing or worn around her neck etc and an alert call will be sent to a nominated number etc.

There are monitored personal alarm systems as well that are fancier e.g. voice activated, monitored 24/7, tested regularly with the user etc.

This doesn’t help if she can’t hear the phone when she is outside etc because she doesn’t have to have it with her all the time and you just want to call her, it is purely for if she can’t get to a phone due to a fall etc.

Another problem is if she forgets to wear it. That was the main problem I had with my elderly mother so we ended up getting a unit which had the button and also had voice activation on the base unit which comes when you have a monitored alert service. Good distance on the voice activation as it covered the entire house and also a fair amount outside as well.

Just a thought

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Thank you. Very much appreciate your response!


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