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The Dell Venue 8 Pro is an 8-inch tablet released by Dell in January 2014.

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Bluetooth device stopped working

It was working. I had been using it daily with my BOSE Color Link bluetooth speaker. I dropped the tablet on the floor and may have loosened the connection internally. I tried removing the Bluetooth hardware in the control panel and also new drivers and reset the PC, but it still will not sync with my speaker. But it wants to sync it sometimes as a headset, but then tells me ,”Well that didn’t work.” But I also do not know how to open this up to look at the hardware, and if I open it up how to identify the bluetooth bit.

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Hi @threedogsmama ,

What is the model number of the device as there seems to be a few models that have the same model name?

Does the WiFi work OK?

Usually the WiFi and the BT are combined in the same IC chip on the same module card or if not on a separate removable card from the systemboard, then in the same IC chip mounted on the systemboard and they share the same antennas.

Here’s a video that shows the disassembly of the Dell Venue 8 Pro 5830.

At 6:40 minutes into the video, the antennas are seen being disconnected from the what I believe to be the WiFi/BT card which is then seen being removed.

I can’t quite make out what is printed on the card but if you get this far, the info on the card should help you to find a replacement if the card is the problem and not if it or the antennas are just loose.

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Hi @jayeff I appreciate your reply and apologize for the delay getting back to you. I believe the number on this one is 3845. It has windows 8.1 on it. Initially the bluetooth device had disappeared from the device manager, but it has since returned. It wasn't coming back with a scan for new hardware. I think I fixed it by reinstalling the driver again and rebooting the device again. And then was having other problems with the pairing that made me think the Bose bluetooth is wonky too lol. I appreciate the video link as this is always great information to have, but for the moment it seems to be working, so I'll just leave it at that. Also I got it to go sideways in the first place by attempting to install a text to speech app on it. Also Narrator interferes with the networking for some reason. Probably a topic for a new question but I was trying to get "something -- anything" to read an open office document back to me, and Narrator won't do it and Braina won't do it and I had downloaded another one that won't run on this tablet.


Hi @threedogsmama

Haven't tried it myself but apparently Libre Office can read text back to you but just like MS Office, it appears as though you need an internet connection to do this.

Libre Office suite is similar to MS Office except that it is free

Just a thought


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