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Can I salvage Zune 30gb data with Error 5?

Hey everyone,

I found my old 30gb Zune in the bottom of a bin in my garage and the bugger actually boots still!

Unfortunately I get an Error 5 screen when it tries to boot. I know that it is recommended to factory reset to get it working again, but that wipes the hard drive.

Is there any way to extract the data before wiping the drive? Would have been nice to see this time capsule from my high school days.

Thanks in advance for the help!

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@coreyrogers89 the error 5 is actually a HDD error but could be the HDD cable. I would remove the hard drive and get a Zif-to USB adapter. Then try a windows machine and see if it can access the drive and back the data up etc. Microsoft Zune 30 GB Hard Drive Replacement

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Thank you! I'll give the Zif to USB adapter a try.


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