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A repair page for the Kindle Fire HD 10 7th Generation Tablet/E-Reader by Amazon.

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Replacing ribbon flex connector

I am trying to replace a motherboard ribbon connector as circled in the image on a amazon fire 10 where the flex ribbon cable slides into that the previous owner messed up. Is there a way to determine the number of contacts and pitch of the plastic connector or an easy way to determine the exact replacement connector I need to buy? Don’t know if it helps at all but on the flex cable itself there is a number 1 written on one corner and number 51 written on the other corner which is also written beside the connector as you can see.

Block Image

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@ntec those numbers are the position of the pins. Number 1 on the connector has to correspond with number 1 on the cable. It is not useful to find a replacement. Since there are no schematics available you would really have to do some tough searches at places like for something like this to see if you can find a match.

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