Where do I reattach the NTC wire on a TwinStar quartz heater?

I have a TwinStar quartz infrared heater model number 10q1071ara. it stopped working all of a sudden. when I looked at it, there it was a wire hanging out the back of the air vent. upon opening the bAck of the heater, I found it was the NTC wire. it is attached to the panel in the back but I don't know where it goes. where do I reattach the NTC wire on this heater? and if you know, tell me how to do so. please and thank you. I know very little about electronics but I can figure it out if I can get a visual idea.

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Hi @raelabelladonna ,

Don't know the heater but post an image of the lead and also a close up of the control board and perhaps the connection location can be worked out.

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