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HP Desktop released in 2007. Ships with Windows Vista and offers Pocket Media Drive bay support.

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hard drive with a different OS

where can I get a hard drive with a different OS than windows for this PC , maybe Android or Linux ready to install.

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Here’s a link that shows the various SSD that are compatible with the desktop. The supplier shown is only to give you an idea of the type of SSD that you can look for. Only suggesting SSD as they will give the PC a performance boost, given the age of the motherboard.

Here is a link that shows how to install an Android OS on a PC that may help.

Here is a link that explains Linux and all the various Linus distributions that are available that you may want to try.

Search online for where to download the OS so that it can be installed on the SSD

As the motherboard is quite old by today’s PC standards, you may want to look at the specifications for the desktop how upgrade some of the components e.g. CPU, memory so as to meet the system requirements of the different OS that you wish to install.

You may also want to check how to make the desktop as a dual boot configuration if you want to have two different OS installed at the same time in the PC i.e. Linux and Android or Linux and Windows etc

Here’s the Upgrading and Servicing Guide that shows how to remove/replace components in the desktop that may also help.

Hopefully a start.

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I'd probably scrap this for a Ivy or Haswell testbed, but those are still somewhat expensive for anything nice with an i5. The SATA challenge is off putting on legacy machines like this - at least for me. DO NOT trust online tools - it never accounts for the Legacy SATA issue!

If you want it as a my first machine to tinker with OSes, they're fine but you probably want something reasonably new.



Well I guess if the SSD doesn't work then that you could take Crucial to task as they state on the link for the specified pc:

"These upgrades are guaranteed compatible when you order from" and at least get a refund ;-)


@jayeff They don't assume there's a potential issue here with an older PC and may shift the blame. Yes it has a SATA bus and MAY work but it will CRC itself to death given enough time if the bus can't handle it.

Sites like Crucial assume everyone has the latest and greatest in a lot of ways - or sort of new.


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Be careful with these - they do not support SATA III natively! You need a drive with full I/II/III support - ideally. If you can find one with II/III support, you’ll probably be in okay shape. Unless you have a fully legacy compatible drive, it can be hard to find one unless you install a SATA controller card which supports it to bypass the nVidia northbridge. I can’t find anything direct from HP, but I strongly suspect it’s SATA II based on other boards known to be at that level. However, HP did have a bad habit of crippling their BIOSes Option ROM configuration in the name of “compatibility”.

Find a cheap SSD with at least 256GB (or within the 256GB class, like 240/250GB) with SATA II support and install that on the DVD drive connector - USB externals are cheap.

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