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Model number DSC-S650. Sony point-and-shoot camera.

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Is there anyway I can transfer images from my camera to my computer?

I need the pictures off my camera but I dont have a memory card or the USB for this specific camera. Is there any way I can transfer the photos from my camera to my computer or even my phone without either the USB and the memory card.

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Short answer is no.

Without a memory card or appropriate USB cable or A/V cable there is no way to transfer or even copy the pictures unless you view them in the camera’s LCD screen and take a picture of it with your phone camera.

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Camera can connect to your computer wirelessly, assuming that your computer itself is part of a Wi-Fi network. You may be able to use Bluetooth, another wireless data-transfer software, to connect your camera to your computer.

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Hi @bambii ,

According to the user manual the camera only has a USB connection and a video out option. It does not have WiFi or Bluetooth capability


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