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Repair guides for wireless mice by Microsoft, compatible with the 5000 and 6000 models.

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Why is this mouse always hard to clean?

I like to use this mouse, but no matter how well I clean the outside cover, it is always gummy and sticky, even though my hands are clean! I use soap, oil or whatever to remove the gummy, sticky feeling on the cover (the black area on both sides of gray area) and still it feels sticky to the touch! I hate that feeling, because nothing keeps it smooth in texture.

How or what do I use to have a clean, yet not sticky feeling to the touch? help!

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The only thing I would suggest is that you use some mild dishwashers soap to clean your mouse, if it gets sticky while using it. Of course, use a rag with dishwasher soap/water to clean your mouse. Do not submerge it or anything like that. The natural oils from your skin can cause the sticky, gummy feeling. Do not use any oils on the mouse since this will make it worse.


I have the Natural Wireless Mouse 6000 for 10 years now and the stains won't come off with electronic cleaning wipes.


io ho ho pulito forzatamente fino a togliere le patina opaca che comunque rimane appiccicosa dopo asciutta. Tolta del tutto fino a che e rimasta solo la plastica di fondo nero lucido.


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change ur mouse pad

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I tried acetone and it works also, BUT the cosmetic result is less than optimal, FYI ...


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I used turpentine and cotton cloth to remove the sticky coating. You have to rub pretty hard but you can get it down to the ABS material underneath which is smooth and not sticky.

btw: the mouse pad has nothing to do with this problem, d'oh.

...also several people have noted that this product can be sticky - fresh out of the packaging - meaning it isn't necessarily caused by hand oils - more likely the coating Microsoft uses degrades over time and becomes sticky.

Like all MS products best to avoid until service pack revision 2.

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