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A Big Wheel is a type of tricycle, usually made of plastic, with an oversized front wheel, that rides very low to the ground.

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How do I take the pedal off

I got sidetracked and put the petals on the front axle but did not put the big wheel on first. How do I get one pedal off to fix my mistake

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Hi @jzeanah,

To remove the pedal you may have to drill out the star cup washer as it is what is holding the pedal, preventing it from being pulled back off the axle.

Maybe you can find a small enough drill bit that will be able to get at the washer without damaging the plastic (nylon?) washer housing in the pedal.

Replacement internal tooth star cup washers should be available from hardware stores. Take the axle to make sure they are the correct fit.

If you can’t get it off without damaging the pedal’s washer housing too much, so that it cannot be as securely attached to the axle as before, replacement pedals (supplier example only) are available online.

Here’s an image of where I think that you should drill out the washer. Use an appropriately sized drill bit to just drill far enough to break the washer, without damaging the axle, so that the pedal can be removed, by placing it in a vise and tapping with a hammer to get it off the axle. (see 2nd image)

Block Image

Block Image

(click on images to enlarge for better viewing)

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Without going into detail about how my sorry building skills left me in this position, I had to remove a pedal from the Big Wheel. I took a small, sharp wire cutter and with a few attempts was able to snip the washer, not completely through the washer, but enough to loosen it so that I could remove the pedal. Only minimal damage was done to the washer housing in the pedal. Fortunately, the parts package included with the Big Wheel contained an extra washer (as well as extra end cap and an extra screw) and I was able to get the Big Wheel together correctly this time and to my grandson in time for his birthday.

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After reading the 1st comment about using a drill, I was happy with the advice. Reading the follow up comment about the wire cutter, made it that much better! This comment was VERY helpful. After spending 30 minutes trying to drive out the center axle - I spent 3 minutes with a pair of dikes, and a flat blade screw driver to wiggle the star washer. It broke off. And yes, I had an extra washer in my kit as well. Both comments are great, start with the wire cutters (dikes), thank you both!


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