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HD pet camera with treat dispenser that monitors and flings treats. See, talk, play, and reward your pet remotely. Play fetch from your phone.

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Petcube treats Launching too fast

My petcube bites dispenses treats but when they fling out, it flings so fast that they land very far and so fast it hurts it your close by.

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Hi @kookiekitty ,

According to the user manual for the device, you can set up the device to fling the treats for close, medium and long shots. Perhaps yours is set up for long shots, therefore they come out fast and hard as they have to travel further.

Here’s the quote from the manual under Sect.3 Playing with your Petcube Bites

To fling treats, use the bone icon in the bottom right corner of the app while in play mode, then hold down the bone icon in the middle of the screen and swipe up to select how far you want to fling the treats: you can select close, medium and long shots.

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