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Uitgekomen op 4 november 2017. Model A1865, A1901. Verkrijgbaar als GSM of CDMA / 64 of 256 GB / Zilver of Space Gray. (Uitgesproken als "iPhone 10".)

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My phone does not power on. Apple service recommends replacement!


I have an Iphone X (A1865) GSM+CDMA unlocked 256 GB phone which abruptly wouldn’t turn on. Tried hard reset, charging etc and nothing worked. There is no physical damage or water damage. Wireless charging wont work as well. Took it to the APPLE store and they ran diagnostics and said that the device will not power down and since it was 90 days (just 90 days!!!) out of warranty, it would need to be replaced at a cost of $549. My questions is:

1) Anything I can do, replace main board etc to fix the problem.

2) Any other options, is my data secure if I sell it for parts.

Thank you. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Apple would say this even if it was a faulty charge port. To answer your questions.

1.       You could replace the logic board however you would need to make sure it comes with all the face ID components and it wouldn’t be that much cheaper than apples replacement.

 I would try and rule out parts first and at least replace the battery.

2.       As long as you have a strong password on your phone, your data will safe and if someone gets it going they will have to restore it which would wipe all the data and become a new phone.

The only other option would be to send or take it to a repair shop. The average cost would be around $300

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Send it to iPad Rehab, Rossmann Repair Group, or STS Telecom. They all have youtube channels you can check out and they could either fix the device or at least recover data.

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