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Wi-Fi only variant of the fifth generation of iPad, released in March 2017. Available with 32 and 128 GB storage options featuring a 9.7" Retina display and 64-bit A9 processor.

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Aftermarket screen replacement question

I got my iPad fixed by a repair shop and it has these weird lines up and across the screen, this happened ever since it got replaced.

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If they’re a good reputable shop, they would put a warranty that covers in defects in parts and/or workmanship, at least that’s the case in my shop. Bring it back to them and ask what they can do. I perform and record a functionality test before I attempt any repairs on any device along with sending the results to my customer via email. I do this for a couple of reasons. 1 is to ensure that I and the customer are aware of any other potential issues that way they can’t blame me for damaging something when it was an existing issue. 2 is to make sure everything works before I do the repairs. That way, in case I damage something, I know that it’s most likely my fault and that I need to fix it.

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As it was only the front glass they did not replace the digitizer.


@atomintheworld the front glass is the digitizer


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