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The Honda CR-V is a compact crossover manufactured by Honda since 1995. Since It uses the Honda Civic platform in an SUV body it was called "CR-V" which stands for Comfortable Runabout Vehicle.

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220mA to 570mA Battery drain


I have a tricky fault on my 2008 Honda CR-V.

Basically, there is a drain on the battery which continuously goes between 220mA and 570mA every10 seconds or so.

If I remove fuse 16 under the bonnet (10A) the problem goes away. This fuse is described as “back up" And I don't know what it does besides keyless entry.

I'd now like to remove fuses down steam of fuse 16, but I can't find any wiring to use as a reference.

Can anybody give me a way forward?



Update (08/02/2020)

Loom is pictured drivers

Block Image

inside leg

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Unfortunatly removing the fuse shuts down too many functions at once.

You will need to unplug each individual component and retest for the draw.


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Hi @lorme

Don’t know the answer but the following may help.

This owner manual -see p.331, taken from here shows that underhood fuse #16 is for the EPT-L (if equipped).

This describes the same symptoms as you’re having and has a solution at the bottom.

Here’s the 2007-2012 Honda CR-V Service And Repair Manual, scroll down and click on Body Electrical to get the schematics and diagnostics for the vehicle’s electrical systems.

Hopefully all this will help you to resolve the problem

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Thanks jayeff. It was indeed something on the HTF loom. I've unplugged it and my drain is a healthy 10mA.

I'll have to practice my googling skills, don't know how I couldn't find that myself


Hi @lorme

Thanks for the feedback.

Lucky break for me was that I found that the fuse was for the EPT-L, as"back up" sounded a bit too general a term for a fuse to me. Strange that it would be shown as such, presumably on the fuse block cover layout diagram

Guess now all you'll have to do is find out what is causing it, as disconnecting that many wires must surely be affecting some other features of the vehicle, besides the keyless entry. Although maybe not as looking at the schematics a lot of wires go to door locks, horn, lights etc. from the module.

I say "now all you'll have to do" knowing that this may not be that easy. ;-)

Good luck with the repair


From what I can see, EPT-L is listed as F16 for the petrol version, for the Diesel it is called BackUp, are they the same? Pulling F16 has stopped my drain but not managed to track the root cause beyond that. Unfortunately F16 takes out the central locking, the nav consul & radio and many other things (but is only 10A) so there must be further fuses down stream that I have yet to trace ...


Very late update, it's something to do with the Bluetooth module. This has its own plug close to the one I pictured. Disconnecting this solved my problem- I don't use the Bluetooth. Hope this helps someone



Can you turn the Bluetooth off in user settings somewhere at all, rather than just unplugging it?

Maybe it is on all the time sending a signal waiting to be paired.

It sounds the same as with mobile phones in that if the BT is enabled it really chews the battery (along with GPS also) even when not in use.

Just a thought


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Where is the BT module located?

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Hi pal,

It's been a while, so I can't remember too well, but see Harri reply below:

"It was hard to locate BT box but it was behind stereo and down right side, fixed with 2 easy opening screws. The drain is now 0.012A, ok for me. CR-V 2007 EXL 2.0."

I don't recall having to remove the circuit card, I just removed a plug.


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Hi my garage has disconnect the wiring to Bluetooth, and battery drain was considerably less. Unfortunately fans/heater display worked but no fan. Also after a few days of only using car locally the battery is dead. I am worried I have a major wiring issue. 2008 reg. Any help would be appreciated.


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Hi, the fact that the fan has stopped working after the garage disconnected wiring is unusual! I wonder if they disconnected the wrong thing. The wiring loom is pictured in this post. And it's really easy to get to, 2 screws in the driver foot well (right hand drive), sorry I can't be more specific, it's been a few years.

Unplug that and see how you get on!


Sorry, it's not the loom I pictured at the start of post actually. It's close to it though! I believe it's a plug on a small circuit card.


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